Hello! My name is Marne Grahlman. I'm a Canadian freelance illustrator from a small woodsy town, currently inhabiting the city of Barrie. My illustrations are lightly decorative with a handmade-quality and explore metaphors in a surreal environment. 

To ask about my work or to get in touch regarding any requests/employment opportunities, you can email me. You can also visit my wordpress blog for news and more examples of my work.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting please visit my often-updated shop where you can find some original pieces. Or send me an email if there was something in particular you wanted to ask about!

Partial Freelance Client List

The New York Times, DER SPIEGEL Litertur, Avenue Magazine, The New Republic, Cottage Life Magazine, VICE, Lorimer Publishing, The Kit Compact and The Kit (Toronto Star), This Magazine, Eater, Lenny Letter, Format Magazine, Briarpatch Magazine, The Local


Bachelor of Design Degree - Illustration Program, 

OCAD University

Features and Reviews

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Using Format